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Pocklington ME/CFS Support Group


Newsletter for December 2017.

Pocklington ME/CFS Support group  -  December 2017 Newsletter (2)

This group was started in September 2015 with help from the ME Association who publicised it in their magazine and on their website. We very quickly had our first few members.

It is recognised that people with ME/CFS type illnesses sometimes have difficulties attending meetings, but for those of us who are able to meet up, we have made some good friendships.

I have been wondering how we can ensure everyone benefits from being a member of the group. After discussion with other members it was thought as a start it would be good idea to send a Newsletter each month, so here goes.

Everyone's really busy at the moment with Christmas coming up so this will be quite a short newsletter.

Meeting December 2017

As usual some of us attended the 12.30 Meditation Session at Kilnwick Percy Buddhist Centre before we met up at the World Peace Cafe. Once again we had a very pleasant gathering and lots of laughs!


Recently, Val Hetherington became Social Secretary, events@pocklingtonmecfs.org.uk Please contact Val if you would like an event organised or if you would like to join us at one of the events.
Email Val


An email was sent on 3 November, that there was a class which might be suitable for people who have problems exercising. It was held in Market Weighton on three Saturday mornings in December. Jill attended these sessions and found them very helpful and enjoyable.

The instructor, Margaret, has personal experience of ME/CFS and would be happy to explain how she could help us in the future. We plan to arrange a meeting with Margaret, with a view to organising classes suitable for members of this group. Please let us know if you are interested in yoga.

If you have any information that you wish to share for the Newsletter, or any ideas how we can help all members, please   Email Jill

Best wishes,


Date of next meeting Wednesday 3 January at the Buddhist Centre World Peace Cafe, Kilnwick Percy from 1 pm.

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