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Pocklington Chronic Fatigue Community

Pocklington Chronic Fatigue Community

What is ME/CFS?

Chronic Fatigue is a debilitating condition which can occur as a result of many illnesses for example ME, Fibromyalgia, long Covid to name a few.

Living with Chronic Fatigue can be confusing, overwhelming and very isolating. Many people struggle when they find themselves unable to do what they could do in the past. It can affect every part of life including physical & emotional health, relationships, mental wellbeing, family life, employment and studies.

Understanding and coping with Chronic Fatigue whether for yourself or someone you know is essential to ensure that life can still be meaningful. Many organisations have informative websites, but local peer support is invaluable. Pocklington Chronic Fatigue Community aims to provide this via Facebook, meetings and other events throughout the year.

For more information about Chronic Fatigue please visit  the ME Association website.