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Pocklington Chronic Fatigue Community

Pocklington Chronic Fatigue Community

Topics of Interest

This area is to provide information about things that have helped people.

from Margaret, our yoga teacher:

There's an interesting article which I can relate to, and here are a couple of snippets:

Just do it - and act decisively!!

Stop procrastinating - make the phone call, arrange the meeting, apologise to whoever it may be - it's never as bad as you have imagined. The weight on your shoulders will float away once you stop putting things off. (I'm the world's biggest procrastinator and I can vouch for this working....)

And if you do nothing else...
Learn to accept and notice the great things about you and enjoy the person you are. Be positive. Spend a day looking for positive things in your life and notice how much your outlook on life changes.

The link for this article is below. Phil Parker writes some real nuggets and I will be posting more in time.

Here's an article about better sleep submitted by Rosemary.

How to sleep better: A seven-day prescription helped me sleep through the night

click here

(Please note that we can share articles that may be of interest but we cannot necessarily endorse them.)

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