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Pocklington ME/CFS Support Group

About Us

I moved to Pocklington in September 2015 and a month or so before I came I emailed Tony Britten of the ME Association to see if there were any support groups in the area. He told me there wasn't one for Pocklington and why didn't I start one myself? Tony wasted no time advertising the new group starting up and I had several members before I'd even moved here!

Our regular meeting is at one o'clock on the first Wednesday of each month (unless there's a particular reason why not) at the World Peace Cafe at the Buddhist Centre, Kilnwick Percy but we also have other meetings and events as and when people think of them.

We're a friendly group and love to greet new members. We drink tea and eat cake and we always seem to have plenty to talk about. Of course the conversation is sometimes about our illness, we share ideas and things that have or haven't helped us, but it isn't all about that by any means. It's just nice to chat and I think we've all made new friends through the group.

I'm very keen on the health benefits of yoga and think it's particularly useful for people who can't exercise in a more dynamic way. Yoga helps with some of the aspects of chronic illness such as the joints starting to seize up and everything getting stiff through lack of use. It also helps with correct breathing and relaxation which can be really useful when there are problems resting and sleeping, as there so often are.

Recently we've formed a committee with the intention of trying to raise some funding so that we can start specially adapted yoga classes. One of the many unfortunate side-effects of having a chronic illness is often lack of money and as yoga classes usually cost more than sufferers can afford to commit to each week I'm hoping to get us some some funding to help subsidise classes for the members who'd like to take part.

Not everyone wants to do yoga of course and there's no pressure, we're just happy to have a group of people who understand the condition and can give mutual support to each other. It can be a very lonely and demoralising illness.

If you live in the Pocklington area (anywhere between York and Beverley, further if you can travel to Pocklington) and you have ME, CFS, Fibromyalgia, PVFS or similar condition and would like to join our group then please contact us by email initially. We'd love to hear from you.

Elizabeth J Walker
(Pocklington ME/CFS Support Group)

Email us at   contact@pocklingtonmecfs.org.uk