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Pocklington Chronic Fatigue Community

About Us

The group began life in September 2015 as the Pocklington ME/CFS Support Group and soon had its first members thanks to an entry on the ME Association website. Thank you to Tony Britain of the ME Association for his help in getting us started. The group has met up each month in the World Peace Cafe pretty much from the start.

After a while we incorporated Fibro into our name as we were finding many sufferers of Fibromaylgia asking to join and we became the Pocklington ME/CFS/Fibro Support Group.

Our regular social meeting is now at one o'clock on the third Thursday of each month (unless there's a particular reason why not) at the World Peace Cafe at the Buddhist Centre, Kilnwick Percy but we also have other meetings and events as and when people think of them.
We changed our regular meetings from Wednesday to Thursday as it suited some of our members who hadn't previously been able to come on a Wednesday.

We're a friendly group and love to greet new members. We drink tea and eat cake and we always seem to have plenty to talk about. Of course the conversation is sometimes about our illness, we share ideas and things that have or haven't helped us, but it isn't all about that by any means. It's just nice to chat and I think we've all made new friends through the group.

A few months ago we changed our name again in order to include any condition which causes chronic fatigue and we are now called the Pocklington Chronic Fatigue Community.

We have recently been offered help by Pocklington Rugby Club who are in the process of working with various local non-profit groups and this may be very beneficial to us in time.

Our first project is to provide specially designed yoga classes at a reduced rate to our members. We are already running the classes at a cost of £5 per session but we hope to be able to reduce this cost with the help of subsidies.

Yoga is an invaluable practice for people who are becoming stiff from lack of exercise but many ordinary classes are too difficult for sufferers of chronic fatigue. Most classes are also too expensive for people whose income has been drastically reduced through ill-health.

We try to address both of these problems with the yoga classes.

If you live in the Pocklington area and you have ME, CFS, Fibromyalgia, PVFS or similar condition that causes chronic fatigue and would like to join our group then please contact us by email initially. We'd love to hear from you.

Elizabeth J Walker
(Pocklington Chronic Fatigue Community)
January 2020

Email us at   contact@pocklingtonmecfs.org.uk