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Pocklington ME/CFS Support Group



Our regular monthly social meetings are held at one o'clock on the first Wednesday of every month (unless there's a particular reason to change it) in the World Peace Cafe at the Buddhist Centre, Kilnwick Percy
YO42 1UF.

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the next meeting of the Pocklington ME/CFS/Fibro Support Group will be PROBABLY be on Wednesday, 2 January at 1pm at the World Peace Cafe, Buddhist Centre, Kilnwick Percy. I say probably because that's the first Wednesday of the month but people may not want to meet so early in the New Year. Could you please email me your preference on elizabeth@pocklingtonmecfs.org.uk Thanks

We have recently added some extra social events to our calendar including day-time visits to the cinema and similar undemanding gatherings.

If you would like to join us then please let Val know on