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Pocklington Chronic Fatigue Community

Pocklington Chronic Fatigue Community

Restorative Yoga


We have recently started offering yoga classes suitable for sufferers of all kinds of Chronic Fatigue.

What is Restorative Yoga?    by our Yoga teacher, Margaret Robson

Restorative Yoga has come to prominence in the last few years as an answer to the stresses of modern life. Judith Lasater, one of the leading teachers of it says that to relax is 'to rest deeply with no movement, no effort, and a quiet brain'. How rare is this when you have so many things attacking body and brain at one time? True relaxation response is found in a slower heart rate, metabolism, rate of breathing and lower blood pressure.

After a Restorative Yoga session you can certainly feel the slower rate of breathing and heart rate.

Restorative Yoga is a series of yoga postures where you lie on the mat in various easy positions, supported by pillows/bolsters so your body can relax fully without strain, stretching parts of the body without effort and helping to remove fatigue. The session includes breathing techniques which help to reduce tension and stress, and calm the racing mind.

All classes start with some easy seated stretching to ease out tension areas of the body, and finish with a deep relaxation.

Guided relaxation is an important part of any yoga session. When you are stressed, your 'down time' is wasted because when you should be refreshed and relaxed you are still worrying about things not done, things to do, what happened, what might happen ie. living in the past or the future. The only time we ever have is right now, this second - and this one - and this one - and this one .......   Live in the moment!

All my classes are kept to a small number in order to keep things quiet and relaxing, and everyone is welcome, no previous yoga experience required. You will gain just as much even if you have no idea what yoga is. In fact, you may gain more because you have no expectations!

the studio at Hands that Heal where we hold our yoga classes

the studio at Hands that Heal where we hold our yoga classes

The classes are being held just outside Pocklington on Friday mornings and we are currently charging £5 per person, per class.

There is adequate and convenient parking at the venue.

Please let us know us if you would like help with transport as we may be able to help depending on where you live.

if you're interested in taking part please email me, Elizabeth, at   contact@pocklingtoncfc.org.uk

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